About Us

Prise Design Group ("PDG") is a design and web development company. We love what we do, and have been doing it under the PDG name since 1998.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy summarized in two words: customer service. At PDG you are not a cog in the machine. We listen carefully to our clients and collectively meet your goals. We dedicate not only time, but mental and emotional energy to the success of your project. The goal is to make your business look its best with a website that markets effectively and efficiently.

PDG creates long lasting relationships built on trust and communication. We take great pride in our work and sleep well knowing we've done right by our clients.

How do we do it?

We meet our clients needs through:

  1. Fabulous communication An uncanny ability to organize complex ideas into a simple presentation. We speak in plain English, not tech jargon
  2. Clutter-free and focused design Design that motivates your clientele on mobile, tablet, and desktop
  3. Fast website performance Quick servers and optimized code

Drop us a line today.

"I totally heart Prise Design Group. They manage and host all our websites, as well as code all of our client's branding projects. They are very good at explaining the process and options for saving costs, etc. I recommend them all the time and without hesitation."
Stacey Stahl, Owner, In Both Ears